The Texacon

     The Texacon was an event that took place Halloween weekend, 1998. It had become a tradition for the MSTies (fans of "Mystery Science Theatre 3000") of a particular message board on America Online to have "mini-con"s where they could meet each other, hang out, and riff movies in true MSTie fashion. This one was held in Arlington, Texas, which is outside of Dallas. I, Laurel (you may know me as FOspacenut), attended this convention as I live in the Dallas area, and wanted to meet many of the friends I have made on that board. Eventually I want to have more up on this page, like my personal recollections of the weekend, but right now, there's mainly pictures up here. Enjoy!

This page is dedicated to Paul "MuzzyDunce" Edmiston.

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Dallas Museum of Art

Don't eat the daisies

They aren't edible

Jolly Green Giant's tent

Out to eat

Ring the dinner bell

At the Mecca

Eatin' breakfast

Ninja attack

Miniature golf

Profanity landing in 3...



...0! Profanity has landed!

Caged imp

Wax Museum

Daaah dunt

At the hotel

The yellow sacrifice

Predatory gleam

Look out!

Batter up!

Muzzy titled this one, "Godzilla with the DTs." X-D

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If you have any pictures from the Texacon, pictures from other mini-cons, or pictures of Muzzy, please send them to Laurel to post on this page, or just to share. Thank you!