The Texacon

     The Texacon was an event that took place Halloween weekend, 1998. It had become a tradition for the MSTies (fans of "Mystery Science Theatre 3000") of a particular message board on America Online to have "mini-con"s where they could meet each other, hang out, and riff movies in true MSTie fashion. This one was held in Arlington, Texas, which is outside of Dallas. I, Laurel (you may know me as FOspacenut), attended this convention as I live in the Dallas area, and wanted to meet many of the friends I have made on that board. Eventually I want to have more up on this page, like my personal recollections of the weekend, but right now, there's mainly pictures up here. Enjoy!

This page is dedicated to Paul "MuzzyDunce" Edmiston.

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Cattle Drive Sculpture


Stone dawgies

Lotsa stone dawgies

My friend Flicka

Tragedy strikes

Why don't they look?

Extra extra


Let's go surfing now...

...everybody's learning how


Brass monkeys

Lean on me

Sneak attack

The Grassy Knoll


The backs of the conspirators

At home on the knoll

The gang

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"No man is a failure who has friends." --It's a Wonderful Life

Paul "MuzzyDunce" Edmiston

     Muzzy was an important member of the aol MSTie mb community, being one of the very first there. He brought an upbeat humor and open heart to the board, and was always one of the very first ones to welcome any new members. Everyone there knew Muzzy in some capacity. Everyone who got to know him loved him. He was simply one of the kindest, most joyous hearts I personally have ever known. I'll never forget his boyish charm and fun sense of humor, and simply the fact that he was so nice. So often we develop grudges against people for one reason or another, but to Muzzy, everyone deserved a million chances to keep his friendship, because he hated to give up on anyone. In his words, the people who had been shunned were the ones who needed friends the most, so he would be that friend. He had a bigger, more patient heart than many of the rest of us.
     Unfortunately, Muzzy's life ended on April 12, 2002, at the age of 42. We of the aol MSTie community will never forget him. I thought pictures would be a great way to remember his life, and how he spent it as a very creative, fun, loving person. WE LOVE YOU MUZZY!

Paul's Eulogy and Messages from his Family
Paul's obituary

Images from Paul's funeral, all provided by his mother. As you can see, the funeral included the display of many of the things that made Muzzy the Muzziest, an unconventional funeral for an unconventional soul.

"Just days before he died he was at my house with a copy of 'Wild Rebels.' We laughed so hard we were gasping for air. This is how I want to remember Paul. Funny, witty, kind, generous, smart, creative, silly, gentle, and loving. I miss him terribly." --Joan, a good friend

If you have any pictures from the Texacon, pictures from other mini-cons, or pictures of Muzzy, please send them to Laurel to post on this page, or just to share. Thank you!