Which Minor Land of the Lost Character Are You?

What Minor Land of the Lost Character Are You?

It's that burning question that has haunted you forever... which minor "Land of the Lost" character am I most like?!! Well, your wait is over! Take this quiz to find out. ~_^

People would describe you as (check all that apply):

How else would they describe you? (check all that apply)

How would you describe yourself? (check all that apply)
hard to see for what you really are

What are you really? (check all that apply)
your average jerk

How do you feel about children?
I can deal with them as long as they stay in their place.
They need to be lectured a lot so they always do the right thing.
They're fun! I love to give 'em piggie back rides.
I seem to spend most of my time chasing them around and yelling at them.
I wish they'd evolve already.
Nurture them and encourage them, just like Rick Marshall says.
They're good to have around to do stuff for you, even if they are puny.

What is your common reaction to strangers?
I'm openly hostile and distrustful of them.
I treat them in a loud, obnoxious manner and demand they cater to my every whim.
I'm nice to them and give them a chance to prove themselves.
I immediately approach them and try to get them to invite me home with them.
If they've got something I want, they're my new best friend!
Oops, I just stepped on one.
I act really weirdly until I drive them away.
I welcome them into my home for dinner.

Who's cooking dinner tonight?
My WIFE!! You don't think I'm going to do it?!
I will. I know exactly what everyone wants anyway. It's like I can read their minds.
My servants.
No one, I'll just eat whatever's lying around.
I'll cook. Is stone soup okay?
Someone better do it. I'm hungry!
I'll get some take-out food delivered.

Describe what sort of friends you have.
My best friend is myself.
No friends, just minions.
Everyone's too afraid of me to be my friend.
Just my family, really.
Everyone likes me because I can become whatever they want.
I'm so cute! Everyone loves me.
I don't make friends easily.
I have an average number of friends.

How do you deal with stress?
I explode.
I cry until someone offers to help me.
I take it out on my family.
I try to deal with it in a calm, adult manner, just like I was raised to.
I usually act like a jerk.
I yell a lot and stomp around.
I retreat into my own private place.
I eat.

What is your favorite food?
Vegetarian meals
Strawberries as big as my head.
Meat. I'm not real particular on the type.
I don't really eat much.
Pork chops
Whatever my mate likes. We think alike.
Giant turkey legs.

Someone tells a corny joke. How do you react?
I just react the way everyone around me reacts. That way, I fit in.
I laugh and roll my eyes.
I guffaw boisterously and reply, "Your tongue is like a feather to make me laugh!"
I get really irritated and insult them.
I tell them they failed... to make me laugh.
I stare at them dumbly. I never get the joke!

You're a door-to-door salesperson. You can't seem to sell anything, though, and it's getting really frustrating. People even start slamming the door in your face! What do you do?
Stubbornly press on, vowing not to quit until I sell something.
Keep hanging around their front door yelling at them until they start throwing stuff at me.
Cry and whine until someone comes out to see if I'm okay, and get them to buy something just to shut me up.
Yell insults at their house, but run off if it looks like someone is going to get mad and retalliate.
Touch base with my boss, hoping I can get some pointers.
Decide to come back later and try again. Hey, at least I'm consistent.