Which Major Land of the Lost Character Are You?

What Major Land of the Lost Character Are You?

It's that burning question that has haunted you forever... which major "Land of the Lost" character am I most like?!! Well, your wait is over! Take this quiz to find out. ~_^

People would describe you as (check all that apply):
a natural leader

How else would they describe you? (check all that apply)

How would you describe yourself? (check all that apply)

How else? (check all that apply)

How do you feel about children?
They thrive best when they are nurtured and encouraged.
They're good to have around when you need help with your day-to-day activities.
Bah! Nothing but an annoyance.
I like 'em better when they're somebody else's.
Sometimes I underestimate them.

What is your common reaction to strangers?
I greet them with a friendly hello and a hearty handshake.
They kinda scare me, but I try to be polite.
I'm not afraid of them!
I run from them until they earn my trust.
I gaze at them until they are entranced by my mystery.
I avoid them unless they seem interesting.
They become mine once they trespass on my territory!
I'm probably a little too trusting of them.
I am the stranger.

Who's cooking dinner tonight?
He is!
Nuh uh, it's her turn!
I'll just tell my kids to do it. I may even trick them into it.
Aw heck, I'll do it.
Probably me. Sigh.
We'll get take-out food.

Describe what sort of friends you have.
My family makes up most, if not all, of my friends.
A motley bunch of weirdos.
I only have a couple of friends. There are exactly three of us. Always three!
Solitude is my best friend. It's the only way I can get any work done.
I have no need for friends. Too much emotional baggage.
I've got several friends who are all like me. In fact, we all look alike!
I'm pretty friendly, so I'm well liked.

How do you deal with stress?
I get whiney and complain a lot.
I freak out and get really overdramatic.
I scream until the veins bulge out of my head.
I make sarcastic jokes to relieve the tension.
I tell people to stop projecting their feelings onto me. My life is complicated enough.
I run and hide.
I just shut down.
I blame all my problems on other people.
I get angry, but I use reason to solve my problems.

What is your favorite food?
Pork chops
Soup or stew
Vegetarian dishes
Anything that gives me energy
Meat. I'm not real particular on the type.
I don't really eat much.
Eh, who knows. I'm easy.

Someone tells a corny joke. How do you react?
Laugh and roll my eyes.
Chuckle and shake my head.
I smile politely and change the subject.
I laugh and make a corny joke back.
I cock my head like a curious puppy and ask them to explain the joke.
I ask everyone else to stop laughing at the stupid joke. It's all such a pain.
I yell at the person to stop mocking me with their stupid joke and threaten them physically.

You're a door-to-door salesperson. You can't seem to sell anything, though, and it's getting really frustrating. People even start slamming the door in your face! What do you do?
Stubbornly press on, vowing not to quit until I sell something.
Go off to sulk by myself for awhile.
Turn on the charm, then try again!
I start throwing stuff at their house. They're just lucky I have such bad aim!
Shrug and leave. At least I can use it as a learning experience.
I would shut down my business. I can't handle it.
Stare dumbly and scratch my head. People behave so strangely!
I'll try to reason with the people at the next house.