To the AOL MSTie Community;
It has been a difficult task to write our thank yousí to all who shared their condolences and love for our loss of Paul. Your group was one of the most important parts of Paulís life, to him and he never tired of communicating with each and all of you. As I continue to sort and organize his items and memorabilia, the majority of his emails and collections consist of his associations with you and your community. I want to Thank You especially for being his friends, and for being a positive part of his world.

The standing spray that was sent and your beautiful memorial statement along with the cards and emails bring tears and gratitude.

From our Hearts to the MST community,

Paula Fiedler (Paulís Mom)
Paul E. Fiedler (Paulís grandfather)
Jill and Allen Spence and Briana (Paulís oldest sister and family)
William ďBartĒ and Veronica Krizak and children (Paulís brother and friend)
Kimberly and Norman Anderson and children (Paulís youngest sister)
Christin and Nikki Davis and families (Paulís oldest nieces)

Eulogy for Paul Kelly Edmiston:
April 16, 2002

By: William Bartin Krizak

November 29, 1959, some 42 years ago a boy was brought into this world. He was named, Paul, after his Grandfather, Kelly, after his grandmother, Edmiston. Paul was to grow to be an extraordinary individual. You could even say he was extraordinarily individual, unique to his own accord and without direction. A naturalist who had to live in a plastic world. His ideals to be free led him to a short stay in The United States Navy while his non-conformist personality drove him out. His artistic ability led him into his love of model making, where he created and worked on such things as sets for movies, dioramas of car accidents, city skylines and even into the realm of outer space. When you see a model of the space station or a shuttle or happen to catch a glimpse of the movie "The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes," remember him.

Paulís second love was computers. His knowledge and understanding of the technical world benefited us as we grew into the realm of cyberspace. He could carry on five or six conversations at one time on the computer. To me, that was simply amazing.
His screen name was MuzzyDunce. It wasnít just a name, it was a personality that will be sorely missed on the internet, especially in the MST 3000 (Mystery Science Theater) chat room. MST3000 is a show that makes jokes about extremely cheesy movies. The Banner on the wall is one such occasion, where he and I went to the University 0f Houston and saw a sneak preview of the up and coming "Fresh Cheese." Needless to say, we had a blast.
His imagination knew no bounds, Creative in all ways and all Areas, a Genius in his own right. He could do just about anything and do it well. Allen (his brother-in-law) says he could make some pretty damn good stuffed mushrooms. You could hand him a piece of wood and he would make a rabbit. Give him a door, he would hang it, a tree, he would plant it. He was always willing to help and share, the shoulder to cry on, when you had tears. Paul never meant to harm anyone, his heart was good and caring.

Paul had an obscure taste for music. He went from the psychedelic acid rock of the 60ís and comedy music of Frank Zappa, to the new wave and cultural rock of such bands as the B-52's, R.E.M., and Outer Space. It seemed as though, for him, the stranger you could find, the better. You could always count on him to make you laugh, whether it was something he found on the web, a joke he heard, or making fun of the idiotic things that some people do. Toys were a favorite of his also. He never failed to have some new, glow in the dark eye, eyeball, or rubber lizard. Something for kids or for the fun of the adults.

There are so very many things that made Paul, PAUL. There will never be anyone like him.

This was written by Allen Spence:

People walk a long journey in their life. Not all roads are straight and narrow, but we know the path we have to follow. Trials, tribulations, rewards and treasure are found along the way Ė We choose which we keep and what we do with them. When we reach the end of our journey, we look back one last time and know it was a good one, that we have touched lives, we have helped to heal and have made friends and laughed together. Paul was our brother, our friend, we had good times and good laughs. We will miss you and hope to see you again at the end of our journeys, and good times will be had again.

Kim: (his youngest sister) Paul was Paul, he marched to the band of his own drummer!

To All that Knew and Loved: Paul Kelly Edmiston

By: Paula Fiedler-Cole (mother)

Our hearts and minds will ache for the Paul that we each knew and the unique and beautiful soul that we each recognized in the many facets that he presented to those he loved.

His basic nature was sensitive, good, kind, loving and generous. His short sojourn on Earth has impacted each of us on many levels. We will remember the beauty and sensitivity that he shared with us.

Paul struggled with negativity in this world and within his own world and resisted as much as he could. He lost this struggle and lost his ability to believe in goodness and his own beauty. His internal and external conflicts drove him to a level of self-destruction that few of us will understand. As we try to understand his anguish, we must turn his transition from this life into a positive influence for our own decisions, as to how we want our own individual lives to develop.

We say "Good-Bye" to; my son, my grandson, our brother, and beloved friend, a beautiful soul and we pray that his torment and anguish are over and his spirit is at peace.

We wish to thank each and every one that has been a friend and a positive part of Paulís life.

May the Higher Power that we each know hold his soul in peace and comfort and bless us all.