I love taking online tests. Here are more results of the ones I've taken.
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You are The Zarn
Arrogant, sarcastic, and cynical, you are one of science fiction's strangest creatures. You don't even have a body, man, just a connect-the-dot form. Everyone hears windchimes and feels cold fingers poking around in their brain whenever you come around. You may want to cut down on the creepiness before you find yourself with no one to experiment on in that ol' Mist Marsh. You are The Zarn!

Which Major Land of the Lost Character Are You?

Bwahahaha, I am the Zarn! The coolest character ever on "Land of the Lost"! And I didn't even make myself get that answer on purpose. Yes, this is one of my own quizzes. TAKE IT!

pretty fucked.

what fucked version of hello kittie are you?
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Woohoo! Gimme that Hello Kitty vibrator NOW!

Your Heart is Red

What Color is Your Heart?
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Awwww... ::GROUP HUG!::


What is your Buffy the Vampire Slayer Superpower?
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You are Doublemeat Palace!

Which Buffy Episode Are You?
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Mmmmm... hamburgers...

Wishverse Buffy from "The Wish"

Which Buffy Alter Ego Are You?
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Purity Tests! First, the Social Retard Purity Test. "Here is the result of your Socially_Retarded Purity Test. You answered "yes" to 45 of 100 questions, making you 55.0% socially_retarded pure (45.0% socially_retarded corrupt)." So I'm 45% social retard! Explains a lot! ::buries my head in a book::

The Horror Movies Purity Test. "Here is the result of your horror movie Purity Test. You answered "yes" to 21 of 45 questions, making you 53.3% horrormovie pure (46.7% horrormovie corrupt); that is, you are 53.3% pure in the horror movie domain." I guess that's about right. I'm a huge horror movie fan, but I also love many other types of movies.

needs reduction

Whoa, You Need To Tame Those Puppies!

People always know when you're coming, because your boobs
get there five minutes before you do!
Your back must be hurting.
Think about a reduction, before your nipples hit your waist.

Do *You* Need a Boob Job? Click Here to Find Out!
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How evil are you?

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