This is Laurel's list of her Top Ten Favorite Quotes from the Movie Showgirls. The movie was Rated NC-17. Therefore, just about all of these quotes contain bad language. If you are too young to be reading such material, stop now and turn back.

I have a wacky fascination with the movie Showgirls. It was just such a melodramatic train wreck, I can't turn my eyes away. Quite a bit of the dialogue in this movie is funny in a "holy shit, I can't believe they just said that" kind of way, and anytime that happens, I start quoting.

Laurel's Top Ten Favorite Quotes from Showgirls:

10. "I just went to Carver, and I kicked the shit out of him."

9. "I hope you got some nice wigs, Tennis Ball."

8. "I got my period."
"Yeah, right."
"That's alright, I got towels."

7. "You got your arms straight out, saying, 'Back off, motherfucker.'"
"Yeah, you got that down. BACK OFF, MOTHERFUCKER!"

6. "I'm watching you be a prick."

5. "I'm getting a little too old for that whorey look."

4. "You're the only one who could get my tits popping right."

3. "Must be weird not having anybody cum on ya."

2. "Upstage left, monkey shit."

1. "I used to love Doggy Chow too!"

The two things I get most tired of hearing:

"...brown rice and vegetables..."
That something "doesn't suck."

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