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was born the son of two poor toilet seat cobblers in the town of East Weiayntgottnun, Texas in the spring of nineteen-hundred and thirty-five. Things were hard with a blind sister named Mary and Pa out of work so much, but damnit, we were thankful for what we had. In the winter of my 17th year, this simple farm girl took a three-hour tour and wound up stranded on a deserted isle with some crazy broad named Lucy and her husband, who had once written for "The Herbertville Chronicle." When I was 20, I was killed while trying to rescue my sister from...

Wait, that was stuff on TV.

I'm really Laurel, and this is really my personal site. Here you can learn everything you ever maybe sorta kinda wanted to know about me.

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My Profile --See me. Feel me. Know me. But don't touch me.
Nameplates --I hope you like my name, because you're about to see it a whole lot...
Online Tests Are Fun! --See the results of the ones I've taken.
Laurel's Quizzes --And here are my quizzes! TAKE THEM!! Please. ^_^
The Texacon --The retrospective of a mini-con hosted by MST3K fans, or, tonsa pictures of goofballs.
I Love Lists! Various lists I have compiled:
My LiveJournal --My LiveJournal. Hey, how'd I know that? ;-D
The Spectral Eye --My writing journal.


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since May 2002

moon phase

The title of this site comes from a Kids in the Hall sketch.

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